I have resigned as Connecticut State Director of American Atheists. The organization's website can be accessed by clicking on the logo above left.

Here is the email I sent my distribution list explaining my reasons for resigning.

After a long deliberation I have decided to resign my position as Connecticut State Director for American Atheists.

Recently several Connecticut members of AA challenged some of the group's political policies, from an Atheist perspective, in a webinar chat room, and were banned for life from participating in and AA events. The official reason for the banning was that the questions were disrespectful, and one of the banned members is known to pull no punches, but the other is the kind of person who raises her hand in a five person Zoom meeting because she doesn't want to interrupt. More disturbingly, when I asked what would be the correct way to make their objections known, I was essentially told that there is none. Even stating their position is forbidden.

I have been a leader of a local Athiest groups and events in Connecticut for many years, and I have always tried to tolerate various viewpoints on many issues. I have literally had both Libertarians and Communists together and managed to allow them both to strongly express their opinions. I have lost members because I haven't enforced political orthodoxy, even when I actually agree with the policy being challenged, and I will continue that course as long as I am in a leadership position.

American Atheists has done a lot of good throughout the years, and continues to do so. I plan to remain a member of AA, and a president of an AA affiliate, but I don't feel I can in good conscience function as an official representative of the organization.