The Cohos Trail, New Hampshire - 2-14 July 2017

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Southern Terminus
Mountains to the South
Davis Path
Davis Path
Davis Path
Southern Presidentials
Carter Range
First Tentsite
The Dry River
Breaking through the Treeline
On the Cohos Trail's Highest Point
Mt. Eisenhower
Mt. Franklin
The Western Slopes of the Presidentials
Probably Offtrail
Probably Ontrail Again
Ammonoosuc Falls
Golf Course
Mt. Washington Hotel
Mt. Cherry Road Primitive Campsite #6
Some Pond
Mt. Cherry Trail
Mt. Martha Summit
Martha's Mile
The Presidentials in the Clouds
Mt. Martha
Spur off of Mt. Martha
First Cohos Trail Sign on the Cohos Trail
Slide Brook Trail
Slide Brook Trail
Presidential Range Rail Trail
View from the Presidential Range Rail Trail
View from the Presidential Range Rail Trail
Cherry Pond
Rail Walk
Mt. Starr King Summit
Mt. Waumbek Summit
The Presidentials
Kilkenny Ridge Trail
Tree Claw
Weeks Summit, or maybe South Weeks Summit
Ascending Terrace Mtn.
Terrace Mtn.
Cabot Summit
Cabot and the Bulge
Some Other Mountains
Unknown Pond
Kilkenny Ridge Trail
South Pond
Stark Village Inn
Morning Glory
Ascending North Percy
North Percy Summit
Long Mtn.
South Percy
Setting up a Non-freestanding Tent on a Platform
Bonnie's Pool
Old Sign
Pond Brook Falls
Crossing Nash Stream
Old Hermit Shelter
Nash Stream Forest
Beaver Work
Cathedral Meadow
Ripe Strawberries
A Doe
Baldhead Leanto
Southern Sky
Dixville Peak Access Road
Ski Lift
Indian Paintbrush
Ski Run
Dixville Notch
Dixville Notch
Huntington Cascades
Dixville Notch
The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel
Sanguinary Mtn. Summit
Recent Logging
Alison Falls
My Tent
Coleman State Park
Heath Road
View at Weir Farm
Grandview Snack Shack
The Connecticut River
Lake Francis Dam
Six Mile View
Lake Francis State Park
Lake Francis State Park
First Connecticut Lake
Tillotson Hut
Bog Bridge Trail
Coon Brook Bridge
Loading a Logging Truck
Falls in the River Trail
Falls in the River
Falls in the River
Second Connecticut Lake Dam
Sophie's Lane
Third Connecticut Lake
Approaching Canada
US/Canada Border Swath
Fourth Connecticut Lake
The Connecticut River

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