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2004 Hiking Trip Logs

These are trail logs for my hikes in 2004. Here's the main trail log page.


Text in italics is trail names.
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Middle Presidentials - White Mountains, New Hampshire - 17-18 July 2004

Saturday 17 July 2004
Pinkham Notch - Tuckerman Ravine Trail - Tuckerman Crossover - Crawford Path - Lakes of the Clouds Hut - Crawford Path - Mt. Monroe Loop - Mt. Monroe - Mt. Monroe Loop - Crawford Path - Mt. Franklin - Crawford Path - U - Crawford Path - Mt. Franklin - Crawford Path - Lakes of the Clouds Hut

Sunday 18 July 2004
Lakes of the Clouds Hut - Crawford Path - Mt. Washington - Trinity Heights Connector - Gulfside Trail - Mt. Clay Loop - Mt. Clay - Mt. Clay Loop - Gulfside Trail - Mt. Jefferson Loop - Mt. Jefferson U - Mt. Jefferson Loop - Gulfside Trail - Westside Trail - Davis Path - Southside Trail - Tuckerman Ravine Trail - Alpine Garden Trail - Lion's Head Trail - Tuckerman Ravine Trail - Pinkham Notch

Although I'd visited the AMC huts while younger, this was the first time I'd ever stayed in one. I like them a lot. They're a bit expensive, but if you compare it to lodging for other vacations they're well worth it. If, like me, you're more into hiking than camping they're a great way to do a multi-day hike.

I wasn't as well equiped for this trip as I would soon become. I wore jeans, for instance. It drizzled a little going up, and rained a lot for the second half of the second day. I got back just as it was getting dark. I had a great time, though, which is why all of these other trips are listed below.

Several Day Hikes in Iceland - September 2004

Along the Hvítá River - Tuesday 21 September 2004

I followed a trail along the canyon rim up from Brattholt up to the Gullfoss waterfall, and then bushwacked upstream of that a bit, and then returned basically the way I came. Those dots on the rock to the left in the waterfall picture are people.

Up to the Arnardalsskarð Pass on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula - Thursday 23 September 2004

I started at the Bláfeldur farm near the mouth of the Bláfeldará River then hiked up to the Arnardalsskarð Pass and back, a distance of about three miles each way with an elevation difference of about 2200 feet. In spite of it said on the map, there was no trail. There were occasional sheep trails, but the trail marked on the map was really more of a suggestion of what might be a good route for bushwhacking. Fortunately, since it was clear and there were no trees I had little problem figuring out where I was on the map from the surrounding topography and rivers.

Along the shore from Arnarstapi to Hellnar - Friday 24 September 2004

This was probably the windiest hike I've taken in my life. It was short, but dramatic.

up to the rim of Eldborg and back - Saturday 25 September 2004

Eldborg is an extinct volcanic crater about 600 feet across.

You can see a lot more pictures from this trip here. This covers the whole trip, not just the hikes.

Southern Presidentials - White Mountains, New Hampshire - 9-10 October 2004

Saturday 9 October 2004
Dry River Trailhead - Dry River Trail - Dry River Falls U- Dry River Trail - Dry River Cutoff - Mt. Clinton Trail - Mizpah Spring Hut

Sunday 10 October 2004
Mizpah Spring Hut - Webster Cliff Trail - Crawford Path - Mt. Pierce - Crawford Path - Mt. Eisenhower Loop - Mt. Eisenhower - Mt. Eisenhower Loop - Crawford Path - Mt. Eisenhower Trail - Dry River Cutoff - Dry River Trail - Dry River Trailhead

A nice fall hike. There was no rain at all, it wasn't too cold, and the leaves were in color. A lot of time was spent in the woods, but this was a good time of year for that.

Zealand - White Mountains, New Hampshire - 28-30 December 2004

Tuesday 28 December 2004
Zealand Road trailhead - Zealand Road - Zealand Trail - Twinway Trail - Zealand Falls Hut

Wednesday 29 December 2004
Zealand Falls Hut - Twinway Trail - U - Twinway Trail - Zealand Falls Hut

Thursday 30 December 2004
Zealand Falls Hut - Twinway Trail - Zealand Trail - Zealand Road - Zealand Road trailhead

My first serious winter hike, although I'd done a lot of winter hiking around Connecticut. I had snowshoes and crampons, but I was still surprised at how slowly I moved. I think I made it most of the way to Zealand Mt. the second day, though. I injured myself the first day by falling and hitting my forehead on my camera, which I'd dropped during the fall. It wasn't serious, but it convinced me to start packing a mirror, because I couldn't see to dress the wound until I got to the hut.

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